The Story of Matilda and Her Vet Tech

Remember when you brought home the little spitfire you found in the grocery store parking lot? You named her, “Matilda,” which means “mighty in battle,” perfect for this pint-sized, feisty feline. Covered in dirt and grime, crawling with fleas and ear mites, you welcomed this wee one into your home and your heart.

During Matilda’s first kitten visit to our clinic, which she appreciated about as much as her bath, our veterinary technician fell in love with your spicy kitten, nominating herself as Matilda’s lifelong caregiver. Wrapping her in a towel burrito, our vet tech cleaned out the debris from Matilda’s ears, treating her for the nasty ear mite infestation she was hosting. 

After a round of deworming and the first set of kitten vaccinations, we sent you and your new furry friend home with a dose of heartworm, flea, and tick prevention to keep her protected from future parasitesbut not before our vet tech took her first of a series of many photos with Matilda. Ears flattened to her head, a scowl on her face, your little kitty was quite miffed about her care, but our vet tech cherished this photo, which was the start of a beautiful friendship. 

Over the years, Matilda and our vet tech developed a special bond. For any other team member, the “mighty in battle” feline lived up to her name, but she turned into a ball of purrs for her vet tech. You remembered to request Matilda’s best friend for every appointment, ensuring their bond continued to grow.

Fortunately for Matilda, she was a healthy kitty through most of her life, requiring only routine preventive care. For those annual visits and necessary dental cleanings, Matilda’s vet tech was there, offering your kitty an arm to hide under, a blanket to snuggle in, a rub under the chin, and comfort when she was out of her element. 

Eventually, you noticed Matilda struggling. She was less active, and drinking and urinating more, and you had discovered piles of vomit that did not appear to be ordinary hairballsmuch to your disgust when you woke next to a pile on your pillow. Despite Matilda’s protests, you coaxed her into her carrier with the promise of seeing her best friend.

When you arrived, our vet tech weighed your kitty, discovering she had lost several pounds since her last visit. After noting the changes you had seen at home, she informed the veterinarian, who ordered blood work to check kidney function and other abnormalities, based on Matilda’s age and signs. 

As suspected, Matilda’s blood work revealed kidney disease, which is relatively common in older cats. Our vet tech’s eyes welled up with tears as she cradled your beloved pet during the diagnosis. She knew kidney disease could not be cured, although it could be managed by a dedicated owner like you.

For the next year and a half, you and Matilda’s favorite vet tech battled to keep your feline friend comfortable. Subcutaneous fluids, a prescription diet, anti-nausea medication, kidney supplements—if it boosted kidney function, Matilda had it. Although it was difficult to leave for family visits or vacations, you were comforted knowing that Matilda was under her vet tech’s watchful eye, receiving her fluids and medications appropriately, with minimal fuss. 

Sadly, your beloved kitty lost her battle with kidney disease. You scheduled her final appointment through the lump in your throat, requesting that Matilda’s favorite vet tech be there to help her pass away. 

As you entered our clinic, our vet tech rushed to your side to help carry in her beloved patient. She had a room prepared with a cozy blanket and Matilda’s favorite treats. During your last goodbyes, you and our vet tech shared stories about your precious spitfire, honoring her with wonderful memories. As the time came to let her go, our vet tech was there every step of the way, with a shoulder for you to cry on and a comforting pat for Matilda. 

When you came back to the clinic for Matilda’s ashes, you were overwhelmed with emotion when our vet tech presented you with a scrapbook depicting her tight bond with your cat. She wanted you to know how much your pet was loved here at Westerville, and considered part of our family. Each and every pet holds a special place in all our hearts, but our vet techs, who work so closely with your pets, develop especially close relationships with the animals who burrow deep into their souls. 

When our veterinary  technicians go home at night, it’s difficult to separate themselves from their jobs. Your pets are always on their minds, whether it’s how much they enjoyed their wellness visit, if they’re responding well to treatment, or how their family is coping with loss. Our vet techs form such strong bonds with the patients under their care, they feel that each pet is their own.

From your pet’s first visit to her final journey, our vet techs are there for you and your beloved companion. They will share tears and laughter and stories of your pet’s antics, and always genuinely care about your pet’s health and well-being. 

If your pet has a special bond with her vet tech, stop by to show your veterinary technician some love. We appreciate slobbery kisses from our doggy patients and head boops from our feline friends.