Congratulations! You’re considering opening your home to a new furry companion by adopting a puppy or kitten. Many homeless pets, puppies and kittens included, are searching for loving families, and providing a home and a bright future to a pet is a wonderful thing. But, before you welcome home your new puppy or kitten, you will need to check a few tasks off your list to ensure you’re prepared to give your new pet the best start in life. Don’t worry, though—your Westerville Veterinary Clinic team is here to provide the necessary tips. 

Prepare to welcome a new puppy or kitten with the essentials

Puppies and kittens require a large pile of supplies but, if you already have a cat or dog, your shopping cart may not be as full as when you welcomed your first pet home. Ensure your new furry pal is set up with the following necessities:

  • Food and water dishes — Consider a fountain to encourage your kitten to drink more, to help avoid urinary issues.
  • Kitten or puppy food — Proper diet is critical for a growing pet. Puppies should be fed a breed-specific diet, such as a giant-breed formula for a Great Dane puppy, whereas kittens need the higher calorie and fat content found in kitten food versus adult cat food.
  • Toys — A variety of toys will help keep your new pet occupied and prevent them from chewing on your belongings during teething. Give them puppy chew toys appropriate for their size to prevent accidental ingestion, and offer your kitten a range of toys and let them choose their preference.
  • Treats — Small, tasty training treats are essential for a new puppy or kitten to learn manners and obedience commands. Reserve a special treat for house training your pup to aid in speedy training.
  • Collar and leash — Although you may not think your indoor kitten needs one, a collar is a great place for ID tags, which provide extra security if your sneaky pet slips out of your home. Fit your new puppy or kitten with their collar properly by ensuring you can slip two fingers between the collar and your pet’s neck. Monitor the fit as your pet grows, so the collar doesn’t become too tight.
  • Elimination supplies — Your kitten will need plenty of litter and a low-sided litter box when they’re tiny. Ensure the box remains clean and easily accessible, and graduate to a taller box as they grow. Pick up after your puppy with waste bags to prevent disease and parasites from spreading. 
  • Crate and bedding — Although allowing your new puppy or kitten to sleep with you is tempting, create their own space with a crate and cozy bed. This will help with house training, and teach your pet independence.
  • Grooming supplies — Whether your new pet is long- or short-haired, grooming is vital for good health. Appropriate brushes, shampoo, and nail clippers will help your pet look and feel their best. 

Armed with these pet care supplies, you can welcome your new puppy or kitten home.

How to keep your new puppy or kitten healthy

Once you have adopted a new puppy or kitten, the challenging part—choosing the right pet for your family—may seem to be over. However, keeping a rambunctious, inquisitive pet out of trouble and ensuring their good health can also be  difficult. Fortunately, Westerville Veterinary Clinic can help keep your new furry pal healthy for less. 

A new puppy or kitten requires multiple vaccination boosters as they grow, along with periodic physical exams, parasite prevention, and spay or neuter surgery to keep them in tip-top shape. Plus, young pets are more prone to getting into mischief and requiring emergency care, which can be costly. But, our Platinum Healthcare Plan gives you peace of mind about paying for your pet’s care. Membership is purchased at a low monthly rate, and covers 100% of the costs whenever your pet has an emergency situation, as well as general services.

Our Platinum Healthcare Plan includes:

  • Unlimited exams at any hour
  • Unlimited digital X-rays
  • All annual vaccines, including the initial puppy and kitten series
  • Biannual dental cleanings
  • Two annual blood work panels
  • Spay or neuter
  • After-hours emergency services
  • Hospitalization and critical care
  • Emergency surgeries
  • Medically warranted tumor removal
  • Discounted boarding, grooming, daycare, pet food, and prescriptions
  • Discounted pre-existing condition management
  • Discounts on all other covered hospital services and products

Caring for a pet, especially an accident-prone puppy or kitten, can quickly rack up expenses. However, with enrollment in our Platinum Healthcare Plan, you can rest assured your furry pal’s healthcare is covered—including emergency care. Call Westerville Veterinary Clinic to schedule a complimentary physical exam and consultation to meet our team, receive a quote, and have your questions answered.