Budgeting for a pet’s veterinary care can be difficult, especially for those of us with pets who are prone to accidents and injuries. With Westerville Veterinary Clinic’s Platinum Health Plan, budgeting for veterinary care is simple. For one set monthly fee that’s easy to work into your budget, you can stop worrying about paying for your pet’s veterinary care and start focusing on the many years the two of you will spend together as a result of her excellent health.

How Westerville Veterinary Clinic’s Platinum Health Plan works

Similar to a loyalty program, we offer many perks when you choose us for your pet’s veterinary care needs. On the fifteenth of each month, the monthly membership fee—which never increases (for the life of your pet!)—is withdrawn from your provided bank account.

Perfect for puppies and kittens, our program covers all puppy and kitten exams, the entire vaccination series, and the spay or neuter surgery. Adult pets benefit from our program as well, with annual wellness care coverage and two blood panels included each year.

In addition to preventive wellness care, a Platinum Health Plan membership provides emergency services at any hour for no additional fee. If a pet emergency strikes at two in the morning, we will meet you at the clinic within 30 minutes, and all emergency treatment will be immediately covered without the worries and delays of underwriter approvals.

No other veterinary hospital offers such outstanding service with a loyalty program, so be sure to enroll your pet so you can take advantage of these exclusive benefits.

Platinum Health Plan members also enjoy discounts on medications and other services. We apply a 20 percent discount to all medications you take home for your pet, including lifelong medications for chronic conditions; heartworm, flea, and tick preventives; and oral medications. Radiology consults, internal medicine consults, alternative medications, boarding, grooming, and daycare services are also discounted by 20 percent.

We can provide multiple examples of bills from hospitalized pets that would have been more than $4,000, but were instead less than $300 because all major services were 100 percent covered by the Platinum Health Plan membership.

Interested in making your pet a Platinum Health Plan member? Call our office to ensure peace of mind in case of an after-hours emergency and to have your pet’s preventive services covered.