Taylor has been a beam of light for the clinic for over six years. She is beloved by clients and patients alike, and some people will even specifically ask for her when they call to schedule an appointment.
Taylor is the mother of two beautiful girls, Izzabella and Marinette. With these two under her belt, Taylor is very family oriented and is always there to help those in need. She is naturally empathetic, and we can see that she truly relates to the emotions of many of our clients. Many people new to the veterinary field start off strong and excited, but grow weary, and then eventually burn out from constantly adapting to the diverse situations that clients and their pets must often face. Others continue to work by “keeping a safe emotional distance” from clients. Not Taylor.

Taylor gains energy from helping people–And if that person is ungrateful, she gains energy from helping the innocent pet they brought to us for care! Taylor’s four personal pets are just a small sampling of the amount of pets she has tried to help her entire life. As a child, she made numerous attempts to bring home every cat she saw, often kicking and screaming when she didn’t get her way most of the time. In high school, she was voted the most likely to grow up to be the crazy lady who lives with dozens of cats. Her love of animals and people, and overall positive energy are the perfect combination!