Jack F, our lead RVT, is a native Ohioan, born and raised in Columbus. Growing up with a veritable ‘zoo’, he’s always had a deep rooted passion for animals. He started full time with the Westerville Veterinary Clinic after graduating from the Bradford school in 2011 and has been with us ever since. That’s 10 years experience–Not only in the veterinary medicine field, but experience in this specific building! Jack has a keen interest in veterinary dentistry, keeping your four legged friend’s mouth looking and smelling its best. He’s no stranger to late night emergency calls, whether it be for hospitalized patient rounds or a sick pet in need. These days Jack is using his experiences and passion to help guide other techs and assistants to hone their skills across the range of duties their jobs entail. When he isn’t working, Jack enjoys taking care of his numerous houseplants, watching the Browns lose and watching badly made horror movies. Mostly he loves spending time with his growing family that includes his wife Rachel, infant daughter Elowyn, a cat named Nighthawk and dog Mogli. Elowyn keeps Jack on his toes: being mobile and curious about the world around her, 4am ‘please just go to sleep’ butt patting sessions ,but he couldn’t be happier (even if he’s been looking a little more tired lately). While he’s taken a step back from some late nights at the Westerville Veterinary Clinic, there’s still a chance you’ll see him after hours if your furry friend is in need, he’s usually up anyway trying to get his little one back to sleep!