Gerardina is a girl of many passions, the closest ones to her heart being animals and performance. Joining us in March of 2019, Gerardina came to our clinic as a veterinary assistant, and she continues her studies to become a registered veterinary technician.

After spending most of her teenage years volunteering at the Columbus Zoo and local vet clinics, her drive to do even more landed her an amazing offer to fullfill her only other true passion. In 2016, Gerardina took an opportunity to be a character performer for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. While her time spent there will always be a cherished memory, she knew she was missing out on her veterinary passion and returned to the field.

When she returned to Ohio, Gerardina gained experience as a veterinary receptionist before working for us. Her well rounded experience on the medical and customer service side has made her that much better at her job. Her medical experience helps her to understand the needs of a pet while her customer service experience helps clients to understand their pets’ needs!

You can find Gerardina at our clinic, most days of the week, and there is a good chance if you have already met her, you learned about our Platinum Health Plan from her because she believes in her heart it benefits clients and their pets. Gerardina even paid for the membership for her own pets within a month of being hired.

You could ALSO meet Gerardina at night, either picking up her share of on call shifts at the clinic, or scaring the pants off of people at 13th floor columbus!

The future only looks brighter for Gerardina and we look forward to being with her along her amazing journey!