Dr Damian Giancola currently sits on The Ohio State University Practitioner Advancement Board. He purchased Westerville Veterinary Clinic in December of 2014 and brought a wealth of knowledge about emergency medicine and critical care to us. His previous 8 years of experience were with emergency clinics in several areas of the country, including a several year position with a local emergency clinic, where as their chief medical officer, he established the majority of their protocols.

His emergency veterinary experience not only made him one of the best resources for managing very sick pets, but it also inspired his creation of the Platinum Health Membership offered only by WestVets. He created the plan after years of seeing clients being unprepared to make last second life and death decisions for their critically ill pets. Clients who have pets actively on our Platinum Health Membership not only receive deeply discounted routine procedures, like vaccines, spays, and neutering, but are also rarely faced with such last second life and death decisions based upon financial concerns. A link to Platinum Health Plan Membership can be found here: https://westervillepets.com/membership/

Dr. Giancola is very thorough in his approach to diagnostics and treatment for multiple reasons. He is constantly striving to reach the level of care for our patients that his wife who is a hospitalist, provides to people who are very ill. He frequently purchases new equipment and researches new medication so we can always offer the best to our patients. Like our other doctors, Dr. Giancola will reach out to boarded specialists for their insight about cases that are unusually difficult.

When he is not at the clinic during the day, or after hours with an emergency, he enjoys time discussing tough medical or surgical cases with his wife Maggie, and spending time with his two daughters Kyrmina and Youstina. He generally enjoys sports, though has had his heart broken for roughly 40 consecutive years in a row, being a Cleveland Browns fan. As a former Division I wrestler, he especially loves to watch college wrestling and other combat sports.