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Ziggy has been working at Westerville Veterinary Clinic for 13 years, if not longer, since nobody quite knows his origins. Some speculate he simply spawned in his bed the day the hospital was built. Ziggy lives a very hard life of doing absolutely nothing all day. Nobody is quite sure how somebody so lazy got [...]

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Grace was born and raised in Columbus Ohio and is 23 years old. Grace has been working in Vetmed for 3 years after finishing a contract with the United States Air Force she decided it was time to do what she loved and work with animals. Grace is a very bubbly personality and is always [...]

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My passion for veterinary medicine started with my first horse Dillon. Dillon was old and cranky but I absolutely adored him. As time went on Dillon developed arthritis and other health issues and I was always fascinated by the treatments he would receive when the vet came out. I learned how to keep up with [...]

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Alice comes to us from Milan, Italy. She is currently working toward getting into veterinary school and also obtaining a Master’s in Public health. She is calm under pressure and enjoys emergency medicine as much as routine pet care. When not working at the clinic, you can find her hanging out with her horse Deeds [...]

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Ashley came to us from a local veterinary emergency clinic where she gained a lot of knowledge working emergency/critical care. Her passion for animals started at a young age. Being around horses, dogs, cats, and other exotic animals growing up has pushed her way to following her heart to work in veterinary medicine. Ashley has [...]

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Jeanette B

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I've been a veterinary technician for three years but my love for animals started way before that. I grew up on a goat farm in the middle of nowhere, helping does birth and raise their kids. My whole life I've never had a dog not by my side. Being surrounded by their company and kindness [...]

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My passion for animals started when I volunteered at a horse farm for 3 years in high school. I took many animal health classes whenever they were offered to me and decided I wanted to be a veterinary nurse. I am currently attending Columbus State to get my Veterinary Technology degree and become a registered [...]

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Welcome back Jennifer! Jennifer first came to us from Rascal Animal Hospital. She then worked with us for about a year before branching out and moving to South Carolina where she worked for Carolina Forrest. She realized while working there that Westerville Veterinary Clinic was her home. She moved back in December and we welcomed [...]

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Katie V

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Katie has a deep love for animals that stems from growing up with 4H where she would take care of all kinds of animals! This includes goats, chickens, cows, horses and ducks. She started in her 4H club when she was 7 years old and is now a 4H advisor. She also has many pets [...]

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