The secret is out! Westerville Veterinary Clinic’s one-of-a-kind pet plan is attracting pet owners from all over town, which is no surprise. From vaccines to surgery, your pet’s veterinary care is completely covered, starting at only $59 per month. Here are five reasons why your pet needs our health plan:

#1: Emergency care is completely covered

The emergency care coverage found in the platinum health plan is, in itself, worth the cost of the affordable monthly payments. Whether your pet has suffered bite wounds in a fight or ingested the leftover holiday chocolate, if Westerville Veterinary Clinic is able to fix her, the cost is completely covered, and at all hours of the day. Our veterinary team is here to offer you peace of mind when the unexpected happens. 

#2: Puppies and kittens require frequent veterinary visits

Young pets commonly need to visit the veterinarian five or six times before they reach 6 months of age. From vaccinations, to illnesses, to routine spay and neuter surgery, puppy and kitten veterinary bills can add up quickly. With our platinum health plan, our members enjoy a simple, affordable monthly payment that covers everything their young pets need, including routine vaccinations, spay or neuter surgery, and any illnesses that come in between. 

#3: You’ll never pay another exam fee again

That’s right, examinations are fee-free. Has your pet been itchier than normal? Is she having diarrhea? Bring her in for a free examination. High examination costs often sway pet owners from bringing their pets to the veterinarian and receiving treatment. We’ve eliminated this hesitation by offering free exams for all our platinum health care members.  

#4: Your pet’s teeth matter, too

Dental disease is one of the most commonly diagnosed conditions in pets, yet it is entirely preventable. To help combat this unfavorable trend, we include one free anesthetic dental cleaning every two years with all our plans. While we encourage owners to brush their pet’s teeth regularly, professional cleaning is recommended on a routine basis, as it is for people. 

#5: Members enjoy a multitude of discounted services

We are happy to offer our members a 20% discount on a variety of services that may not be completely covered on the platinum health plan, including:

  • Prescription medications to take home
  • Preventive medications such as flea, tick, and heartworm products
  • Prescription pet food 
  • Daycare and boarding
  • Radiology consultation fees
  • Advanced blood work or other testing

What’s the catch?

Well, there isn’t one. We are completely transparent with our clients—if we can treat your pet in at our facility, the cost is covered under the platinum health plan, including emergency care. 

Watch our Dr. Giancola’s interview with Robin Haines on Daytime Columbus for more information about our exceptional pet health plan, and contact us to set up your free exam today.