Howling Winds: Winter Safety for Pets

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Ohio winters can be unpredictable, to say the least. And during these long, cold months, our pets require extra care to ensure their health, safety, and comfort. Keep your pet feeling warm and wonderful when the cold winds blow with this winter preparation guide from the Westerville Veterinary Clinic team. Provide your pet with adequate [...]

Dog Diarrhea Details

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Loose or runny stool in dogs is a common problem that can be caused by an innocuous dietary indiscretion or a significant medical issue. Our Westerville Veterinary Clinic team offers dog diarrhea details, so you know when to seek veterinary care for your four-legged friend’s gastrointestinal (GI) upset. Dog diarrhea causes Numerous issues can lead [...]

4 Common Diseases in Senior Pets

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Pets are living longer than ever, thanks to advances in veterinary medicine and increased awareness about the importance of preventive care. This gives you more time with your four-legged friend and means you must be aware that older pets are at increased risk for many health issues. Our Westerville Veterinary Clinic team explains four conditions [...]

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