Westerville Veterinary Clinic’s Philosophy: Treating Others How We Want to Be Treated

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Dr. Damian Giancola, Westerville Veterinary Clinic owner, vowed that when he owned a veterinary practice, he would serve his clients and their pets fairly and compassionately. This mindset helped him build Westerville Veterinary Clinic into a thriving, client-centered practice that he and his team are proud to call home. The human-animal bond Dr. Giancola’s understanding [...]

How Westerville Veterinary Clinic’s Platinum Health Plan Benefits Your Pet

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Budgeting for a pet’s veterinary care can be difficult, especially for those of us with pets who are prone to accidents and injuries. With Westerville Veterinary Clinic’s Platinum Health Plan, budgeting for veterinary care is simple. For one set monthly fee that’s easy to work into your budget, you can stop worrying about paying for [...]

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